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An international scientific conference “Quo vadis?

On the 26th – 27th of November an international scientific conference “Quo vadis? Opportunities and challenges in the 21st cultural space” will be organized by the Latvian College of Culture. On the first day of the conference, representatives from academic environment and culture sector professionals from Latvia, Macedonia and Lithuania will present results from their research regarding various culture and art sector problems, as well as will initiate a discussion about possible solutions.

The second day of the conference will be implemented as an online discussion about   culture, art, media, culture education, art management, event production and library sector trending issues.

Conference events on the 26th and 27th of November will be broadcasted online on the Facebook page of the Latvian College of Culture.

In conference recent culture, art, media, culture education, art management, event production aspects will highlight a context of local and global processes and events in a society. The conference reports cover a very wide range of issues in the cultural sector, related to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis in the cultural sector and the impact of the 21st century technological progress on cultural product and event production, transnational cooperation in culture, regional cultural development in the context of globalization. Opportunities in the modern age and other important factors influencing cultural and artistic processes.

Aim of the conference: to publish recent problem findings related to culture environment and culture education and to initiate academic and professional discussion regarding further development of culture sector in time of changes.

The conference will attend several cultural researchers and cultural professionals recognized in Latvia, as well as representatives of the foreign universities. The conference program designed to address the widest possible audience in the field of culture and art, in order to promote discussion in society about the role of culture in the general processes of society.

Conference “Quo vadis?” is organized by the Latvian College of Culture, which is one of the most experienced colleges in Latvia and offers modern education in the field of culture, dance and library science, as well as a creative environment for personal growth. The Latvian College of Culture currently offers three study programs with several specializations relevant to the labor market: Management of Art Institutions (arts managers in various specializations), Contemporary Dance (dance team leader in various specializations), and Library Science and Information (librarian with specialization).